Following the Bandwagon

Ughh.. By making the damn rant about the iPhone 7, I inadvertently jumped into the bandwagon… So many reviewers have already made an earphone jack-less rant.



Time to make an article about the Note 7.


The iPhone 7 is Here With All It’s Downgraded(?) Glory!



The iPhone 6s –Err, I mean the iPhone 7…

Ahh the iPhone 7… Unibody metal design, 4.7 and 5.5 inches, 1334p resolution and wait.. What?! No 3.5mm headphone jack? What is this?! Most of the features here weren’t even upgraded *AND* you remove the headphone jack??? This seems more like a downgrade to me! Not an update, a DOWNgrade! Oh, and incase you were wondering, the second speaker looking grill is NOT a speaker. LOL, what a joke.


Now you might think that the second paragraph of my initial impression would go along the lines of “Now it’s not actually a downgrade, here are the good sides — it’s actually an amazing phone, go buy it”, but no. I won’t give Apple any plus points on anything. Nothing here is innovative, that in it of itself is okay in my book. I mean, you can’t possibly create an innovative product every year, it’s not how humans work… But to go the opposite way just to create controversy and therefore popularizing this brick is just playing money-grab dirty.

 Apple is Doing This Only For Money, Certainly Not For Convenience.

“Ohh but it has 2 gigs of ram!” “Ohh but it has a brighter screen!” “Oh butt it’s water-proof!”… If that’s your defense then firstly, YOU’RE STRAYING FAR FROM THE TOPIC. Second would be, every other phone literally does this and thirdly… it’s water-resistant, not water-proof.

Seriously though. Apple, now run by Tim Cook… that greedy bastard; is now going to shit. A whole wopping lot of questionable products are now being made by Apple. Not just the iPhone 7.. Products like the Apple Pen, the ugly looking fat-ass of a “smart”(idiot) watch known only as Apple Watch  and that failure of a product design and effeciency wise, the Apple Turtle-Back Case.


Who was the retard who designed this and why in the hell did this design get approved?!

I’m going to start calling it the iWatch, just to piss off Apple.

Now sadly, the worst part about this.. the biggest problem; the reason why Apple is and will still keep creating such abominations, is not because of Apple itself… It’s because of the undying loyalty of masochistic sheeps. These mentally questionable sheeps would buy ANYTHING with Apple branding. Heck Apple, sell them the iAir “Breathing, – Reinvented” and I bet you, people will buy that shit.

So, so long as there are idiots who buy these flawed products, there will be idiots who creates them.

Can the 13″ Early-2015 Retina MacBook Pro handle OS X El Capitan?

It depends really. Most of the time I would recommend you upgrade; I mean, I plan on upgrading my laptop to macOS Sierra when they finally release it. Though I do plan to test whether it is worthy to be my primary OS seeing as how it really doesn’t bring a lot to the table… But we’re straying out of topic here. So the MacBook Pro… should you upgrade it to El Capitan, or also macOS Sierra for that matter?

Screen Shot 2016-08-20 at 9.06.35 PM.png

OS X El Capitan running on a 13″ Retina MacBook Pro


Again it matters based on your preference. Unlike the current ‘features’ that macOS Sierra brings to the table; El Capitan actually gives you a substantial amount of new toys to play with. But I’m more directly talking about the performance to features here. El Capitan again, brings a lot of features. But none is noteworthy to make me absolutely recommend you upgrade OS immediately.

One might say “It’s called a MacBook Pro for a reason, you dumb twit!” But before that someone tells that to me, hear me out first. The specs of the 2015 MacBook Pro features a dual core 2.7GHz Core i5 with 8 gigs of ddr3 ram and a very questionable Intel Iris Graphics 6100… Come on Apple, it’s 2015! Why the hell do we still get a laughable, non-removable ddr3 ram and an Intel Iris gpu?! Oh good heavens this is so cringy. And don’t get me started on that DUAL CORE garbage. These specs doesn’t really scream horsepower or professional now, does it?

And it shows. The garbage Iris graphics can’t handle, no, not barely. It can’t handle the 2560 x 1600 display that’s on the Retina MacBook Pro. It’s beautiful, sure. But animations, even on the default applications of El Capitan are choppy and laggy. The f*ck Apple?! 

Choppy animations found on Yosemite, still here on El Capitan. More than likely will still be present on macOS Sierra. Video by EmoProtagonist.

Other than the noticeable lag though, it’s pretty okay to have. If you have too much stuff already and are too paranoid in upgrading OS, the don’t upgrade. It doesn’t have a feature that one must absolutely have. For me though, I love having the latest and greatest, especially in software… since that’s the only thing I can upgrade. I’m not that rich. That means, I’m still going to upgrade this all the way to macOS Sierra, I’m a slave to technology like that… Just like how I’ll get my almost 2 years old HTC One M8 Android Nougat once it comes out.

The universe and yada yada yada…

Our exams starts this Monday and our first subject, if my memory serves me right, should be Earth Science… It’s not that it’s boring.. it’s just that; well, it is boring.

Anyways, our exams STARTS on monday. I haven’t reviewed that much so the potential chance of me failing most of the subjects are 87%. I really want to have a superpower that disables one’s procrastination habits, seriously..

Going to school cluelessly

Well it’s about time for me to prepare for school. Yes, I didn’t sleep, all because of Pre-Cal. I’m getting out of that strand I swear to you.

Benefits of not sleeping at all is you won’t have to wake up. (Durr.) So I probably won’t be late. No guarantees though, cuz I’m a lazy f**k.

Aside from hell, I still have General Math up my ass and also Personality Dev… Oh goodness gracious, PerDev… That boring sh*tshow. I don’t want to face that subject knowing full well that I didn’t get any sleep. It’s sleepy-deepy time for me once that subject comes, crap.

Let’s talk Pre-Cal :)

I HATE IT, it’s a curse to idiots like us! Seriously! I haven’t had the slightest of sleep and I still can’t figure out this ‘finding the equation of the ellipse’ bullsh*t. Someone please help me I’m seriously considering moving to another freaking strand.